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GIS Services.


Our expertise is in GIS strategic planning, enterprise implementation, spatial analysis, and application development. We work with you to identify how GIS can improve your workflow and operations, and help you deploy GIS solutions that fit your specific needs and can scale as your requirements evolve and grow.

We leverage our expertise in mobile lidar and drone mapping to develop highly accurate spatial data to initially populate your GIS database or to update and spatially correct your existing data.

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GIS Services


FocusGEO provides professional GIS services to help you effectively use GIS to support daily operations and decision making tasks. Our expertise and passion is in the implementation and application of GIS, and we are committed to providing GIS solutions that are suited to your organization.

Deploying a well-structured GIS can be a daunting task. Whether you are new to GIS or already have an enterprise system that needs to be scaled and expanded, we can help you develop and implement a plan that allows you to take full advantage of your GIS. We begin most GIS implementations with a Needs Assessment in which work with you to review your existing datasets, workflows, and requirements. From that assessment, we will then develop a strategic plan to implement a GIS that meets your specific needs.

We also provide the technical support necessary to deploy GIS. We have extensive experience standing up enterprise GIS using ArcGIS for Server, Portal for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online, as well as deploying desktop, mobile, and web GIS applications. In addition, we can provide on-going technical support for the administration and maintenance of your GIS, freeing you to focus on your work rather than worrying about the intricacies of managing your GIS infrastructure.

FocusGEO GIS Planning and Implementation services include:

  • GIS Needs Assessments
  • GIS Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise GIS Implementation & Administration
  • ArcGIS for Server, Portal for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online
  • Mobile, Desktop, and Web GIS Deployment
  • GIS Integration with Line of Business Applications
  • Support and Improve Operational Workflows Using GIS

The success of your GIS is dependent on a well-designed database that supports your specific operational and reporting requirements, data that is accurate and regularly updated, and processes that ensure your data is accessible by the users and applications that need it. We can help you design a properly structured GIS database that supports your needs, as well as develop and implement a migration strategy that ensures your data is reliably converted to GIS. We specialize in developing geoprocessing and conversion tools to assist with data migration efforts. These tools provide repeatable and verifiable processes that not only reliably perform conversion tasks, but capture and report on anomalies and conflicts that may exist in your data.

FocusGEO Database Design and Development services include:

  • GIS Database Design
  • Enterprise Geodatabase Configuration and Administration
  • Migration of CAD and Non-Spatial Databases to GIS
  • CAD and GIS Integration
  • Spatial Data Correction

Do you have a workflow that is not easily supported with out-of-the-box GIS solutions? Do want to provide mobile and web GIS applications to your users? We provide GIS application development services for mobile, desktop, and web platforms to provide GIS solutions that meet your workflow requirements. We also develop geoprocessing tools for automating GIS functionality that can simplify your data management responsibilities.

FocusGEO Application Development services include:

  • Custom application development for ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
  • Geoprocessing tools and services
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Application development for ArcGIS for Server (Server Object Extensions and Interceptors)