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FocusGEO provides professional aerial imaging and data development services using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones. Drone technology is revolutionizing the way in which mapping products are produced for an increasingly wide range of industries. With the right equipment and experience it is possible to rapidly generate highly accurate and actionable data. But we do more than just develop accurate data. We draw on our experience with GIS and spatial analysis to help you utilize that data to make better decisions for your business or project.

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We are committed to providing true, professional drone services. Our drone operators are FAA Certified UAS Pilots, and we adhere strictly to FAA regulations for drone operations. Safety is a primary concern for all our data acquisition projects, and each mission begins with a preflight plan to identify and mitigate safety concerns. Before we get to a project site, we will have already done the preliminary work necessary to know how the project will be completed safely and in compliance with FAA rules.

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The use of drones for commercial purposes is a very new business, and there is a lot of misconceptions about what drones are and what they can be used for. We want to be ambassadors for our industry by taking every opportunity to inform the public and our clients on the correct use of drone technologies. Our goal is to lead by example in how we perform our drone operations.

FocusGEO is a registered drone services provider with Drone Connector.



FocusGEO provides professional aerial imaging and data development services using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones. Drones are revolutionizing the way in which mapping products are produced for an increasingly wide range of industries. Our focus for drone services centers on the development of aerial imagery and 3D mapping products for the following industries:

Survey grade drones are a valuable source for highly accurate mapping and 3D modeling data for surveyors and engineers. With the right platform, drones can be used to generate more detailed site topography data in less time than conventional surveying methods. Using drones for survey and mapping results in two products. The first is a high resolution ortho image, with pixel resolution as sharp as 1 to 2 cm. that can be used for planimetric mapping, site reference, or as background for other survey and engineering data. The second data product is a highly accurate X, Y, Z point cloud that can be used for topographic mapping and 3D modeling. Using a survey grade drone, we can collect millions of data points in one short flight over a project area that might take two or three days for a surveyor using conventional methods to collect just a few hundred topo points.

FocusGEO provides drone mapping services to surveyors and engineers to complement and augment their conventional survey processes. We have the mapping expertise and the right drone equipment to provide the quality data products that surveyors and engineers demand.


NDVI map of orchard in Wenatchee, created by FocusGEO. Area in blue box showing more orange color indicates trees under more stress relative to the rest of the orchard.

Drones are revolutionizing the agricultural industry. Drones can rapidly capture aerial imagery and multispectral data of your farm, orchard, or vineyard. That data can be used to quickly generate a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). An NDVI map is a representation of the reflectance levels of your crop, which is an indicator of vegetation activity. This provides you with a valuable tool for assessing the condition of your crop, and can highlight areas of the crop that might need further examination. The data collected from a drone can then be used with precision agriculture equipment to refine seeding operations, fertilizer applications, and irrigation plans.

As an orchardist, farmer, or vintner, you have a lot of demands on your time to cultivate your crop and manage your operations. Learning how to successfully collect actionable data about your crop using drones can be challenging and time consuming. FocusGEO provides the technical expertise to capture drone data for your crop, allowing you to use that data to make better decisions and focus on what you do best…growing great crops.

Drones provide a powerful tool for observing and measuring natural resources and environmental phenomena. The ability to rapidly collect high resolution imagery, generate accurate 3D models, and collect multispectral and thermal data provides researchers and managers with timely, detailed insight into their project area.

The applications of drone technology to environmental resource management are many. Some examples include monitoring shorelines and beaches for erosion, measuring and monitoring vegetation health, modeling landslides, wildlife management, and mapping environmental cleanup efforts.

FocusGEO has the technical expertise and equipment necessary to support environmental consultants and managers with drone services. We use both standard RGB and multispectral sensors to produce aerial imagery, 3D mapping, and near infrared and red edge data that can provide you with valuable and actionable data.