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3D Mapping


Mobile LiDAR is the combination several technologies including light detection and ranging sensors (LiDAR), survey grade GPS, and panoramic cameras to create a mapping platform mounted on a vehicle. As the vehicle travels along a roadway, the mobile LiDAR system rapidly collects highly accurate 3D mapping data and panoramic imagery.  Mobile LiDAR (also referred to as mobile mapping) produces data that can be used for a variety of purposes such as modeling roads and highways, roadway clear zone analysis, asset mapping for GIS, and more.  FocusGEO is one of only a few firms in the northwest that own and operate mobile LiDAR systems, and we have extensive experience collecting and using mobile LiDAR data.

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We have extensive experience capturing and using mobile LiDAR data in support of GIS mapping, roadway safety, and roadway engineering projects. We capitalize on our expertise in developing custom GIS tools and geoprocessing routines to create tools and workflows that streamline the extraction of GIS data from mobile LiDAR data. Please contact us if you would like to know more about mobile LiDAR.

FocusGEO uses mobile LiDAR to rapidly collect highly accurate spatial data for the development and update of GIS databases for cities, counties, and utility districts . When compared with locating facilities using conventional GPS techniques, mobile LiDAR provides a much more efficient methodology for collecting vast amount of highly accurate coordinate data. In addition, the data is augmented with 360° panoramic imagery. Rather than visiting each feature and locating it with a GPS, we can collect mobile LiDAR data from a moving vehicle, significantly reducing field time. The resulting data set can then be used for a wide range of GIS data development efforts. We have extensive experience using mobile LiDAR to complete GIS asset inventory and mapping projects including:

  • Water, stormwater, and sewer utilities
  • Natural gas utilities
  • Electric distribution utilities
  • Street sign inventories
  • Traffic signals
  • Street lights
  • City tree inventories
Mobile LiDAR can be used to create surface models of roads and highways. The data can be exported to CAD or GIS and used to generate surface models for preliminary design or road safety evaluations. We have experience using mobile LiDAR to produce datasets for projects such as:

  • Roadway improvement projects
  • Clear zone determination
  • Roadway safety analysis